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Over the past 30 years the Furnari Family has played host to "Pasta Sundays" at the Furnari Family's home in Shasta, California. These weekly events have brought together family, friends and great food. Now the Family wants to share their passion for serving up recipes from the old country with their extended family… you!

For generations, the Furnari family has enjoyed fine Italian cuisine. The Italian sausage recipes we use have been handed down from our old country brethren. And although we have stayed true to our Italian roots, the influences of Northern California and our multi-ethnic backgrounds are evident in our products. We support and buy from local businesses. We are proud to live in Northern California where fresh produce is plentiful. Whenever possible, we use locally grown produce in our sauces. Consistently, our product line reflects the freshest ingredients available.
Sitting down to a family meal with friends fills our hearts with gratitude. Sharing our recipes with you gives us the opportunity to reach out and spread the feeling of “amore”. We sincerely hope you enjoy the experience.
Recipes from our mother’s kitchen to yours…Savor the Flavor! - The Family